Events & Catering
Heaven on a Spoon

 EK has been described as "White House worthy" and "heaven on a spoon." While we really appreciate the compliments and the great feedback from our clients, we humbly think of EK cuisine as a sophisticated take on comfort food, even for our events.


Whether you're hosting a group of 15 or 300, we personalize each event and pay careful attention to even the most finite detail. No catering templates or cookie-cutter approached here, folks. The unique presentation and detailed execution enhances the food and atmosphere for our clientele and the event as a whole.

The EK Events & Catering Division currently assists corporate clients with their ongoing catering needs:


As you plan your event, our staff is prepared to help you every step of the way. We're eager to make every detail of your special event special. We hope you'll decide that Evelyn's Kitchen is the right choice for your event and we look forward to serving you soon! 

Click on the menu to see a collection of our sample catering menus. Remember, we make it personal so this selection only serves as a guide. 








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